Jury hears closing arguments in case of Miramar man accused of killing wife

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Closing arguments were made, Thursday, in the case of a Miramar man accused of killing his wife.

The case goes back to March 2012, when 38-year-old Vilet Torrez went missing. Now, her estranged husband, 42-year-old Cid Torrez is on trial for her murder.

Through the course of the trial, the courtroom saw testimony from family members, including the couple’s daughter.

The daughter testified that on the night Vilet went missing, she heard screaming in the house and that she heard her father yelling “Wake up!” to the mother. Prosecutors said this testimony, along with other details, was enough to charge Torrez with the murder.

“[Cid] Torrez was jealous, possessive, manipulative, selfish and has an ego that doesn’t even fit in this courthouse,” said Prosecutor Lanie Bandell. “What he did is, he took Vilet Patricia Torrez, the mother of three young children, took her life, because from his own words, if he ‘couldn’t have her, no one else will.'”

However, Vilet’s body has never been found.

In return, the defense said Vilet is simply missing, and Cid is an innocent man.

“If you have a reasonable doubt as to whether Vilet Torres is dead, you must find the defendant not guilty,” said Defense Attorney Richard Della Fera.

However, prosecutors said the reason there is no body is because Cid disposed of it.

“He’s no longer tracking his wife because out of the seven billion people on this earth, he is the only one that knows exactly where she is,” said Bandell said.

The jury has been sent home for the day and will continue deliberations Friday.

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