Jacksonville residents concerned about “zombie” coyote prowling neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WSVN) — A mysterious coyote has neighbors in a Jacksonville neighborhood concerned for their pets and children.

According to Fox 30, the animal, described by some as a “zombie” coyote, was seen at a nearby park.

A wildlife trapper said the coyote is disease-ridden and is most active during the day.

One resident said she saw the animal outside the back door of her home.

“I wasn’t sure what I saw – had no idea what it was, didn’t look like anything I have seen,” said Sharon Trigg. “It was very, very thin and completely hairless.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials told Fox 30 the coyote has mange, which gives it a gaunt appearance. The disease is caused by microscopic mites that can cause baldness and scabs, and it is highly contagious.

Parents and residents in the area are now concerned for their safety and the safety of their children and pets.

“That thing has something, got to keep my kids away from that,” neighbor Quenton McClendon told Fox 30.

An FWC spokesperson said a trapper would have to come and remove the animal.