Jacksonville beach backpack thief caught on camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WSVN) – A woman proved to be a real “beach bummer,” as she was caught swiping bags from unsuspecting victims. Her target included surfers and swimmers. What she didn’t know was that her actions would be caught on camera.

The lesson for all from this: leave your belongings unattended at the beach, and thieves may be watching.

In a video Alexis Keller of Jacksonville obtained, a woman could be seen walking toward Keller’s brother’s backpack. She is then seen snatching it up and continuing to walk on.

Keller said it happened last Sunday while her brother was surfing.

Keller said, “He was looking at the surf cams the next day and come to find out they got video of it.”

They returned with a friend the next day and got a repeat performance.

“The girl literally walked in front and acted normal,” Keller said, “like she was looking at the waves, turned around, grabbed the backpack and walked out of frame.”

Keller said she thinks it’s the same person.

“Yeah, she looks very similar to the one on Sunday,” she said.

Keller said there were only some clothes in her brother’s backpack, but there was a cell phone and keys in his friend’s backpack.

She said she shared the videos on Facebook to bring awareness to this crime at the beach, something police are already well aware of.

Jacksonville Police Sgt. Thomas Crumley said, “Those things do happen more often because people wait around and look for people who have left items unattended.”

Police recommend beachgoers leave their valuables in the car, locked and out of sight. But for items you must bring to the sand, consider purchasing a water-proof container you can keep with you at all times.

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