Irma brings sand inland in Deerfield Beach

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - As South Florida begins to pick up after Hurricane Irma, Deerfield Beach residents are waking up to find sand brought in from the shore in Deerfield Beach.

Large amounts of sand could be seen further inland than normal in Deerfield Beach. Recycling bins and picnic tables near the entrances to the beach were buried in sand, Monday morning.

Walk ways could be seen buried in sand as well.

The International Fishing Pier, a popular location in Deerfield Beach, also took damage from Irma. Floor boards on the end of the pier were ripped from the bottom, leaving holes on the walkway. Railings were also missing from the pier as well.

Trucks and crews are coming to remove the sand that spilled onto the beach. However, the sand that moved onto the street and sidewalk is now contaminated and will have to be removed from the beach.

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