Interrogation video of suspect in King Carter killing released

MIAMI (WSVN) - Eight months after 6-year-old King Carter was shot and killed, police released video, Tuesday, from their initial interrogation of one of the suspects.

It’s the first video police have released from the interrogations, which took place following the arrest of three teenagers, after the shooting. The tape shows detectives questioning one of the suspects, who, police believe, squared off in a shootout with rivals in which King was caught in the crossfire.

The first grader was on his way to buy candy when he was killed on Feb. 20.

The three teenagers were arrested in the days after the shooting. In the video, from Feb. 24, detectives questioned 18-year-old Leonard Adams about who else was involved in the shooting.

“The person in the backseat, I did not see his face,” Adams said.

“And what happened when they got out of the car and came back into the car?” the detective said.

“I couldn’t see,” Adams said. “The person had on a hoodie. I couldn’t see.”

“You are lying about that,” the detective responds.

The interrogation goes on for over two hours.

Adams has a bandage on his neck due to a bullet that grazed him. The teenager is suspected, along with Irwen Pressley and Tamar Teems, of opening fire on an enemy named Juju.

“You said you don’t know JuJu, you lied to me about not knowing Juju,” the detective said.

“I do not know that man!” Adams responds.


“I do not know him.”

“How do you know who I am referring to?”

“Because you keep saying Juju this, Juju that,” Adams said. “I don’t know him.”

Cops said King was caught in the crossfire of the shootout between those teens and Juju.

The killing sparked rallies and calls to end gun violence.

In the initial interrogation, police seemed frustrated by the suspect’s lack of cooperation.

“It’s not possible that you can be in a car with someone driving around, commit a shooting, get back in the car, go to the hospital, and all that time, you don’t get a look at his face,” the detective said. “It is not possible.”

The three teenagers are charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder. The suspects have pled not guilty.

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