CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - A Coral Gables school celebrated Star Wars Day by showcasing a coding project inspired by the popular franchise.

Computer science students at Gulliver Academy showed off the skills they’ve learned in class, Friday morning.

Students used a combination of physical robots from Ozobot resembling R2-D2 and a mobile app to learn how to code.

The students also joined forces to interact with their friends and check out some cool projects like the Fruit Piano.

“We coded it using Arduino. We learned how to program during class,” said student Julian Bueno. “We were able to use the Arduino code and then uploaded onto the board, which then controls the entire piano.”

“How it works is we connect wires to each of the carrots and into an Arduino board, and then we program the Arduino board to sense when the circuit is close, so you put one hand on the tin foil and one hand on the fruit, and then the energy passes through,” added Bueno, “so once the sensor reads that — each fruit is connected to a different port — once it reads which port has been closed, then it sends a signal for the speaker to send out a specific note.”

Older students played the part of mentors by showing younger students how to interact with the technology.

“We have middle school students guiding the little kids through the different projects out here, which is STEAM-related,” said Cindy Gonzalez.

Student Cole was particularly impressed by bubble wands the third graders created with a 3D printer.

“It tells you the third graders are good designers and probably going to be engineers,” he said.

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