Husband thanks good Samaritan who pulled wife from car after crash

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A husband has thanked the good Samaritan who pulled his wife from a car crash over the weekend.

Monica Gaston is home recovering from the injuries she sustained when a car smashed into her sedan at the intersection of Southwest 26th Street and 147th Avenue, in Southwest Miami-Dade, Saturday. She and her husband, Juan Abreu, are grateful to the man who jumped out his own car and pulled her from the mangled vehicle.

“The accident was really bad, but she’s doing OK right now,” Abreu said. “She’s in pain, obviously, her stomach, some bruises.”

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Che Moreno was sitting at a red light at the intersection when he witnessed the crash. His self-installed dashboard camera captured the crash and subsequent rescue.

“I immediately thought that the person that got T-boned could’ve been seriously hurt,” Moreno said. “I saw the smash, and then I saw the car reversing, and I just thought the person could use some help.”

Moreno cut the airbags that had deployed and pulled Gaston out of the car. The impact crushed the passenger side of her Ford Fusion.

“I broke the door open, and then I asked her if she needed some help, and she couldn’t really talk,” Moreno said. “The fact that she had her seat belt on, I think it helped her out from not getting further hurt.”

Gaston told her husband about the good Samaritan who pulled her from the crash.

“One of the first things she told me was that, ‘Hey there was a guy that actually came running and cut the airbags and all that, and he was like my angel,'” Abreu said. “We thank God that she’s alive.”

Abreu said he is grateful to Moreno for helping his wife, who is recovering at home. They both hope to meet Moreno and thank him soon.

“There’s good people in Miami,” Abreu said. “She’s everything to me. Ten years together.”

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