Hunter nets $350 for catching 15-foot-10-inch python in Everglades

(WSVN) - Snake hunters have been making colossal captures in the Everglades as part of the Python Challenge.

Patrick Campbell made the biggest catch of all, trapping a 15-foot-10-inch Burmese Python this week. The 135-pound kill netted the hunter $350.

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The South Florida Water Management District is paying hunters to get rid of the invasive species over a 60-day period.

The group has already removed 10 pythons and, according to one hunter, they’re saving the lives of other animals in the process.

“Every one pulled out is one less out there, and every time we go out there and pull out another one, it’s one less mammal, one less native mammal, native bird, or native whatever that’s being taken out by one of these guys,” python hunter Omar Gomez said.

Nicholas Baños and Leonard Sanchez have made the second biggest catch so far, a 15-foot-2-inch python, weighing 144 pounds.

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