Hunky cops photo prompts Facebook users to ask for arrests

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP/WSVN) — A group selfie from some Florida police officers has caused a social media stir, prompting some Facebook users to inquire about their marital status and others to ask to be arrested.

Update: Viral cop photo removed amid complaint against officer

The photo of the three Gainesville officers was posted on their department’s Facebook page as Hurricane Irma lashed the state Sunday. The caption said they were “getting ready to do some work.”

The post produced more than 100,000 comments praising the officers’ good looks. One woman wrote that she would like to turn herself in for the thoughts running through her head. Another posted: “Do a calendar, add puppies, and I’m pretty sure we can rebuild Texas and Florida.”

The department issued an update asking people not to call 911 to “request this group respond to your ‘incident.'”

After the post went viral, other police departments decided to get in on the fun. Knoxville Police in Tennessee upped the ante, posting a photo of several officers and their K-9. They then challenged people to make donations in the name of either Gainesville’s police or Knoxville’s police to a charity to help Hurricane Irma victims.

Locally, Pembroke Pines Police also decided to join the fray, posting a photo of their “finest” and asking for donations to Irma victims as well.