Humane Society of Broward provides shelter to South Carolina pets ahead of Hurricane Florence

DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Several pets made their way to South Florida ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival to the Carolinas.

Over 30 cats and dogs embarked on a long trip from Beaufort, South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale, early Tuesday.

The dozen-plus group journeyed more than 500 miles, a trip that took eight hours.

“It’s best to get them out as quick as we can,” Beaufort Animal Services’ Leslie Mosier said.

She’s worried the shelter they were being held at might not be able to withstand the torrential rain and wind associated with the hurricane.

“Our shelter is not the best shelter. Our new one is coming, but it’s not coming until January,” Mosier said. “It has a tendency to fill up pretty quick with both animals and water.”

The Humane Society of Broward will be receiving the furry animals at its shelter located along Griffin Road and Anglers Avenue.

“They just said that they really need to get these animals out of harm’s way,” Humane Society of Broward spokesperson Mary Steffen said. “Their shelter floods in a rainstorm, so they’re really nervous.”

Many of the pets have already been evaluated by a veterinarian and may be up for adoption as early as Wednesday.

“All of them looked really adoptable. I think we’re gonna let them sit overnight, maybe tomorrow morning and just kind of relax,” Steffen said. “It’s probably been a stressful day for them. By tomorrow afternoon, I think a lot of them will be up for adoption.”

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