How to use social media without internet after the storm

(WSVN) - After the storm, we may be without power for an extended period of time, thus making it difficult to use the internet to get in contact with friends and family. Here are a few ways to use social media without internet to let your loved ones know you are OK.

Of course, if you are able to call or text your loved ones, you should do so immediately. However, for those that need to use social media, you can actually update your status and post to Twitter through text messages. Here’s how:

To Tweet:

Twitter says you must text START to 40404.
Twitter will then send you a message asking you to text YES if you already have an account.
Twitter will reply and ask you for your username.
After you send your username, it will ask for your case-sensitive password. Remember that some phones may automatically capitalize the first letter, so double-check to make sure your password is in the proper case.
After Twitter confirms your password, you will be able to send Tweets letting your followers know you are OK.

You can also get SMS updates from followers if you text FOLLOW (username) to 40404.

For more information on tweeting via text message, visit Twitter’s help section.

To post to Facebook:

You have to register your number ahead of time. Go to settings and go to mobile and click activate text messaging.
You will have to add your phone number if you haven’t done so already.
Select your country and carrier and then click next.

Text F to 32665 (FBOOK) to get your confirmation code and enter it online.

Once that is complete, you can update your status through text.

For more information on posting to Facebook via text message, visit Facebook’s help section.

To send emails through text:

Many smartphones allow the option to send emails from your phone. You just have to open your messaging app and instead of typing a number to text, type an email.

There are rumors around the application Zello, saying you can contact other users without cell phone signal, but those have since been proven false. However, you can still use the app with 2G or Wi-Fi service.

Comcast has also announced that they will open 137,000 Xfinity hotspots for public use after the storm.

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