Hissing alligator blocks traffic while crossing Central Florida road

LAKELAND, Fla. (WSVN) — Only in Florida do you get alligators crossing the road instead of chickens.

Sherese Walker recorded video of the large alligator on Tuesday blocking traffic as it crossed the roadway, Fox 13 reports.

Walker posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “If anyone walks on Sleepy Hill [Road], be careful.”

The video shows a shadowy figure in the middle of a grassy median to her left.

As the vehicle creeps closer, it becomes clear that it’s a very large alligator. The gator then runs from the car before hers and opens its mouth as it begins walking into the oncoming lane.

As it crosses the road, Walker’s car and the car in front of her stop to let the unpredictable reptile cross safely to the other side.

A large indentation on the alligator’s tail could be seen that might indicate the reptile was run over by a car earlier.

When the alligator makes it to the other side it disappears into a wooded area. Sightings like this can be common, since it’s between a lake and a mall in the Lakeland area.

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