SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton campaigned alongside former Vice President Al Gore at a rally on Miami Dade College’s Kendall campus, Tuesday afternoon.

Clinton and Gore discussed climate change and the high stakes of this year’s presidential nomination, especially in the swing state of Florida.

Gore has long been a proponent of addressing climate change.

“And here’s the main message, climate change is real. It’s urgent and America can take the lead in the world in addressing it,” Clinton said. “Protect our planet for our children and our grandchildren.”

Minutes after that, supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump interrupted the rally by holding up signs and yelling about women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

Despite the interruption, Clinton continued to speak on climate change.

“We can transform our economy. We can rally the world to cut carbon emission, and above all, we can fulfill our moral obligation to protect our planet for our children and our grandchildren,” Clinton said.

“Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority,” Gore said.

Clinton supporters outside the rally said they were looking forward to hearing her speak about a number of issues, not just climate change.

“I want to see the wide variety of things they’re going to speak about, just all the topics, not just one,” said Clinton supporter Ryan David.

Also outside, Trump supporters chanted, “USA! USA!” and held up signs. The president of the College Republicans at Miami Dade College, Marlon Montero, said Clinton can’t deliver on her promises.

“She leans more towards grabbing the women vote, grabbing the African-American vote, the Hispanic vote by making promises, which we know there’s a high probability they won’t happen,” Montero said.

Jasmine Miller believes a Clinton presidency will happen, so much so that she spent her 21st birthday at the rally. “I feel like she’s going to do way better than Trump because she cares about us. She cares about everybody,” she said.

Throughout the rally, both Clinton and Gore encouraged Florida voters, especially millennials, to make sure they are registered to vote in order for their voices to be heard this upcoming Election Day. Gore reminded voters of the contested election of 2000, in which he controversially lost Florida, and the election, to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush by a narrow margin.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine echoed Gore’s sentiments, telling voters to remember the letters “AAF,” All About Florida.

Bill Clinton also spoke on the importance of voting in Florida. “Here’s what the deal is, you’ve already figured out you’ve never had a chance to vote in an election for president where the choice was more dramatic and more clear and there was greater difference,” he said.

Hillary Clinton wrapped up her day by visiting the Overtown Youth Center with Alonzo and Tracy Mourning. She spoke about higher education and historically black colleges and universities.

“They have done a great job educating generations of people,” Clinton said, “and I want to make sure that they’re there, and they’re affordable, and they’ve got the facilities and the equipment and the teachers they need.”

Executive Director Tina Brown said they were thrilled by the surprise visit.

“Because we know that after school programs, wraparound services and comprehensive services work for children in our community,” Brown said.

Jaida Houston, 15, said she never thought she’d get a hug from a candidate for president.

“It was a little confusing because nobody really knew who was coming, so it was like a big secret until everybody saw some vans ,and she walked in so I was like, ‘Oh my God! It’s Hillary!’ And she came and like spoke to me, and she shook my hand. She gave me a hug,” Houston said.

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