Hialeah motel guest murdered in sex assault, family awarded $12M

HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) - Surveillance cameras captured a woman’s last moments alive before she was murdered at a South Florida motel during a sexual assault.

The man accused of the tragic beating was arrested, but the victim’s family said employees could have prevented any of this from happening.

“The Chesapeake Motel treated an absolute threat on their property the same as someone in need, and as a result, this young woman was brutally murdered,” said attorney Jason Brenner.

The legal team for the victim, 30-year-old Yaimi Machado, said what happened at the Hialeah motel on April 10, 2016 was avoidable.

Security cameras captured Machado speaking with an employee moments after she was locked out of her room in only a bra and jeans, asking the person at the front desk for help.

The employee refused to give Machado a key.

Police said that soon after that video was recorded, she was beaten to death by Ronald Andrade, who lived in the area.

He was seen on camera as he asked the staff to help her, at first. He even offered his T-shirt to Machado.

Another camera showed the two going through an exit door.

After, the victim’s family attorney said, grainy video taken in the parking lot show unwanted attempts to come on to Machado in the parking lot.

Her body was found at the edge of the property.

The victim’s family was awarded $12 million by a jury that found the motel legally responsible. However, the family is still at a loss.

In Spanish, the victim’s mother, Julia Machado, said her heart can never be unbroken.

“The killer was able to stay inside the lobby and exhibit behaviors that were under any standard or principal regarding security, would have put them on notice that they needed to take action,” Brenner said.

7News reached out to the motel about the jury’s decision, but they refused to comment.

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