Hialeah man accused of holding woman captive so she could repay debt with sex

HIALEAH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Hialeah man has been accused of locking a woman inside his apartment and trying to force her to have sex as repayment for a debt.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim met with 67-year-old Luis Wu Chiong to have sex to repay money she owed him. When the pair first met, police said he told her to snort some cocaine. After she snorted the drug, the two went into the bedroom, where Chiong locked the door with a key.

Investigators said Chiong told the victim to strip down, but when she saw the door was locked, she became scared and asked to leave.

Chiong refused and instead threatened her with a gun, the victim later told detectives.

The woman then called police, all the while pleading to be let go. Eventually, Chiong let the woman out of the room. However, she remained locked behind a gate at the front door.

Police said Chiong refused to let the woman out, even with police outside the gate. She eventually was able to grab the keys from Chiong and gave them to police, who opened the door and arrested Chiong.

Chiong now faces charges of armed kidnapping and aggravated assault. A judge gave him $35,000 bond and house arrest, ordering him to stay away from the victim and turn in his firearms.

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