Hialeah armed robbery caught on camera

An armed robbery was caught on camera when thieves raided a South Florida pawn shop, Tuesday afternoon.

Surveillance video captured two thieves storming into the Cash America Pawn Shop in Hialeah, guns drawn, around 1 p.m.

The thieves smashed the display cases, grabbed what they could and ran out of the store with plastic bins full of merchandise, including mostly jewelry.

An employee was behind a protective glass window and was not hurt.

The thieves pulled off the robbery in about 40 seconds.

“When they’re done taking everything they could, they both run out of the store,” said Hialeah Police Sgt. Carl Zogby. “There’s a stolen car with another buddy of theirs waiting outside. The three of them flee the scene in this stolen vehicle.”

They only made it about three miles to West 84th Street and Fourth Avenue before crashing into another car.

“Hits another lady in a car. She receives minor injuries,” said Zogby. “The three occupants — they bail out of the vehicle, try to run away.”

Police said they were able to chase down two of the subjects on foot.

The third subject was taken down by a police dog. He was bitten by the dog but is expected to be OK.

“We and other agencies are looking at them closely to see, and we suspect they’re involved in several other similar armed robberies, so they were only able to enjoy the fruits of their robbery for a few minutes before all three of them were caught,” said Zogby.

The subjects’ names have not yet been released.

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