Help the Help Me Howard team end Type 1 Diabetes

Each day we try to help as many South Floridians as we can with their problems.  Now we are trying to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to find a cure for diabetes.

We hear about so many kids who have Type One Diabetes (T1D) and it’s so sad. Recently I got a call from parents whose young son got too much insulin at school and had to be rushed to the hospital. Imagine as a parent getting that call.

When you have T1D, you have to closely monitor your blood sugar to keep it from getting too high or too low. Every single day, young children, 6, 7 years old have to poke themselves with a needle several times a day to keep track of their blood sugar.

I also have Type One Diabetes. I don’t complain about checking my blood sugar several times a day, I am an adult, and that’s a part of my life. But it’s just so aggravating to me  that children have to do this every single day. And then there is the fear their parents have every night, worried their child’s blood sugar could drop while they sleep, bringing on a seizure or worse.

One day that will all end. One day a cure will be found for diabetes. The more money we raise to fund research, the closer that day will be here. There are ways for children to not have to prick themselves with a needle several times a day. Those devices are expensive, but donations to Miami Diabetes walk will help make that possible.

My hope, from me and the Help Me Howard team is that you will chip in. 5 dollars, 50 dollars whatever you can give to help children with Type One Diabetes live a much more enjoyable life, and let their parents sleep peacefully at night again. Please donate if you can. 

From Patrick Fraser and the Help Me Howard Team. 

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