Hallandale Beach commission gets heated after mayor’s comment on ‘sphincter-bleaching’

HAULOVER BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Hallandale Beach commission meeting got heated after Mayor Keith London made some questionable comments towards a commissioner.

During a meeting Monday on the city’s $140 million budget, London said, “See where my earned income came from last year? I’m sure you do. Was it getting my sphincter bleached? Is that what I earn my income for? Oh, OK. No, that would be you and your family business.”

On Wednesday, Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub wanted to know why the mayor felt it was appropriate to bring up the private procedure during the public meeting.

“You said I do it. You said I bleach my anus. That’s what you said,” Lima-Taub said at the Wednesday meeting. “Step in, Dally. Tell him it’s not appropriate. Step in. Shame on you.”

London said he was going to apologize for making the comment but was interrupted.

“This, by the way, is just a big distraction to the city business that we’re trying to do,” said London. “Again, my comments were inappropriate, but I’m really being attacked on a constant basis.”

This is not the first time the city has made controversial news.

Former Mayor Joy Cooper was removed from office in January after being caught in a kickback scheme.

Cooper met in 2012 with FBI agents posing as land developers giving her money to support her project.

Appointed to the job, Mayor London has also had his own past problems.

In 2017, he was caught on camera using vulgar language while speaking with a city worker at a new fire station.

“Again, I will say to you that my comments were inappropriate,” said London.

Lima-Taub said she felt humiliated by the experience and that she wondered why the comment was made, given they were discussing funding to hire two additional firefighters for the city.

“Once again, I think that the mayor was able to bring the city into a negative light,” she said. “The videos are going viral, and we’re becoming the laughing stock of Hallandale yet again.”

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