Gulliver Prep students develop app to help with color blindness

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Two South Florida teenagers developed a new app to help people with color blindness to see color.

Their invention will provide high-tech help from those who are colorblind, and they’re heading to Capitol Hill to show it off.

“Our main focus right now is changing the way people will live their daily lives,” said Gulliver Prep junior Kristian Zedan.

Zedan and classmate Gaetan Almela developed Chroma Tilt on their own.

“Each phone screen is made up of three different pixels — red, green and blue,” Almela said. “And we want to change those values from red, green and blue pixels to the way the eye sees colors.”

Unlike other apps to help the colorblind, Chroma Tilt focuses on colors they can see, and not ones they can’t.

The customizable app is free for use.

Users can select what kind of color blindness they have and then they can see, for example, a red Rubik’s Cube in a dark blue hue.

“The advantages to that is that it’s adaptable to anybody,” Almela said.

According to the students, family and friends who are colorblind experimented by retaking a color blind text with the app and passed. “I was both shocked and really happy,” Almela said.

Zedan told 7News that he actually experiences challenges with color. “I have red-green color blindness,” he said. “Putting on clothes that matches through their color, that’s extremely difficult.”

Zedan and Almela designed Chroma Tilt as part of a Congressional app challenge, where students across the country create and design apps with a chance to represent their district on Capitol Hill.

“They’ve incorporated math, they incorporated science, they’ve incorporated elements of what is ascetically pleasing in an app,” said computer science instructor Dean Morell.

The app is available in the android and Google Play stores. An iPhone version is still in the works.

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