DORAL, FLA. (WSVN) - A great-grandmother and her great-grandson were injured after a fight broke out between them, another student and the student’s parents outside of a Doral school.

The incident was captured on video outside Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center, along the 11200 block of Northwest 86th Street, on Monday. What started as a fight between two students escalated into the arrests of two parents and their son.

“These three individuals jumped out of a car, and basically, the kid starts fighting with my son,” “Jane,” the victim’s mother, said. “The dad gets involved, punches my son, hits him, and that’s when my grandmother is trying to separate it.”

Michael LaBoy has been charged with aggravated battery, and Natalie LaBoy, his wife, was charged with aggravated battery on a person 65 and older. Their son was also charged with aggravated battery.

According to police, Natalie could be heard encouraging her son to continue punching the victim during the fight.

Jane said her son and the LaBoy’s son, seen wearing a green jersey in the video, had been in a feud for weeks, and it escalated last Friday.

“I’m glad I wasn’t there because it would have been issues,” she said. “After school, they got into an incident. They went back and forth, and they did fight.”

The students would then fight on Monday after school. However, this time, the LaBoys were there when it began.

Michael could be seen in the video shoving people out of the way and standing over Jane’s son, as his son punched and kicked him.

Jane’s grandmother, who tried to stop the fight, could then be seen getting pulled to the ground by Natalie.

“That’s when the mom starts to attack my grandmother,” Jane said. “Hit her in the back, scratched her all over in her arms, and my grandmother is 76. What I don’t understand is you both are parents to two children basically the same age as mine, and you will stoop to that level to intentionally hurt an elderly woman and pin down a child and intimidate him.”

A woman wearing a white shirt could also be seen trying to stop the fight, but the video showed the LaBoys’ son shove her out of the way before Michael and Natalie appear to shove her, too.

According to police, the victim told officers that Michael and Natalie allegedly punched and kicked him in the head.

The LaBoys have since bonded out of jail. They told police the victim had been bullying their son.

Michael did not want to speak outside of the jail, but when Natalie was asked about what happened, she said, “I want to talk about how my husband got arrested, and there was charges filed against him that he had assaulted somebody that he didn’t assault. The cops didn’t take the time to investigate. They just took the other person’s word and arrested him, and now, I have to spend money on a lawyer to defend my husband.”

However, Jane said the evidence is clear.

“I mean, there’s videos. There’s nothing that you can hide,” she said.

In a statement, Miami-Dade County Public Schools said regarding the incident, “Miami-Dade County Public Schools works diligently to promote core values such as respect and integrity among students.​ We urge parents to do their part by acting responsibly and serving as good role models for their children.”

The district also said the students involved will be disciplined according to the Code of Student Conduct.

On top of the aggravated battery charge, Michael was also charged with two counts of battery.

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