Grandmother discharged from hospital after celebrating 104th birthday while battling COVID-19


CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - A 104-year-old grandmother has been discharged from a Coral Gables hospital after surviving COVID-19.

Mariclanca Cruz’s grandmother could be seen being wheeled out of Doctors Hospital, surrounded by applauding frontline workers, before heading home Monday.

“The fact that she survived COVID and is actually doing well means a lot to us,” Cruz said. “The first thing that people would tell us actually was that she wasn’t going to make it out, obviously because of her age and her immune system isn’t the best at 104.”

Cruz’s grandmother had been staying at Doctors Hospital for about two weeks after she tested positive for the virus. She said her grandmother showed mild symptoms but had trouble breathing and wasn’t responsive.

“Everybody had an opinion on whether or not she should go into the hospital or not, so that was what tormented us the most,” Cruz said.

Despite the odds, the 104-year-old pulled through.

“Being 104 years old is pretty special,” Javier Hernandez-Lichtl, the CEO of Doctors Hospital, said. “Being 104 years old and surviving COVID is extra special.”

During her battle with the virus in the hospital, Cruz’s grandmother celebrated her 104th birthday alongside doctors and nurses.

“They brought her balloons,” Cruz said. “I actually brought her two cakes, bocaditos, croquettes, a little bit of everything so she could spend her day good. We always joke around and say that she is going to bury us all because it’s 104 and look at her. She’s still going strong.”

Cruz said the family has a nurse and a caretaker set up for the grandmother at home, so she can get back to her daily routine.

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