Good Samaritans free woman trapped in car after rollover crash

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A college student found herself trapped inside her car after a rollover crash in the middle of a Miami Gardens intersection, Monday morning, but some good Samaritans nearby managed to free her.

Sophia Ferrer had just turned into the intersection of Northwest 171st Street and 33rd Court, on her way to St. Thomas University, when another car crashed into her SUV and knocked it on its side.

Ferrer told 7News that she took a detour on her way to the university that day to avoid the area of a reported bomb threat.

“I stopped at the stop sign, watching,” Ferrer said, “And I thought I had enough time to turn, and I guess he was going too fast and didn’t see me.”

The other driver, in a silver Ford Crown Victoria, slammed into the driver’s side door of Ferrer’s SUV, shattering the glass and leaving a large dent.

Other drivers and people living nearby rushed to the SUV and pealed off one of the doors, freeing Ferrer.

Both Ferrer and the other driver managed to walk away from the crash without any serious injuries.

Ferrer showed first responders a bruise that formed on her arm. “Thank God I had my seat belt on,” Ferrer said.

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