Good Samaritan saves girl from pit bull attack in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A good Samaritan rushed to the rescue of a girl who was about to be attacked by a pit bull at a dog park in West Palm Beach.

Witnesses said a gray pit bull violently attacked several dogs at the dog park, injuring two dogs and killing a Yorkie named Jillie, Saturday.

“Then he grabbed her by the throat, and then he just shook her like a rag doll,” said the Yorkie’s owner, Ann Levy, “and by that time, I knew she was dead.”

The pit bull then turned its attention to people nearby, including the young girl.

Before the pit bull could attack the girl, good Samaritan Vincent Johnson jumped to the rescue.

The girl was unharmed.

“Came up, we saw the Yorkie on the ground with its head half off…” said Johnson, “and I brought him to the far side, I spread him out and kneeled on top of him, and I cornered the dog.”

“I had one hand in the dog’s mouth, while he had the other dog’s face and throat in his mouth,” said Johnson.

Johnson, who stands 6 feet 7 inches tall, sustained deep cuts to his hands and neck.

“Fighting a dog like this would probably mean a finger or my neck or an eye or whatever it is, but a little girl’s life? C’mon, you know, you don’t really weigh that,” said Johnson.

Johnson was able to control the pit bull until fire rescue arrived.

The pit bull was impounded and is currently being held by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

The pit bull’s owner received several citations.

One of the injured dogs is expected to be OK, but the other, which is a puppy, might not make it.

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