Girls set up lemonade stand in Davie to raise money for fallen officers’ nonprofit

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - The daughters of two South Florida police officers came together to raise money for a good cause, and what better way to do it than with a lemonade stand?

Delaney and Jennah set up shop this weekend near Shenandoah Parkway in Davie.

Delaney said she got a little help from her mom and dad.

“My dad and me built this and spray-painted, and after we spray-painted it, a couple of days later, we made all the signs, and we put them together,” said Delaney. “My mom helped me make lemonade, and I also bought a kit, and we started making them.”

The girls will donate all the funds to the organization COPS, which stands for “Concerns of Police Survivors.” The nonprofit organization provides resources to families of officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

“My dad told me about it, and I said, ‘That’s a great idea,'” said Jennah, “because my dad is a police officer, her dad is a police officer, too, so it kind of like went together.”

“My dad loves police officers, and I always wanted to support him in case he also gets hurt,” said Delaney.

The Davie Police Department helped promote Delaney and Jennah’s fundraising efforts with a tweet asking people in the area to help the girls out, in turn helping out the hundreds of families who deal with tragedy each year.

Davie Police even sent three of their own to show support. The officers even posed for a picture with the girls at the lemonade stand.

Jennah’s father, Pembroke Pines Police Officer Chris Grant, said he and his cousin, a Miami Beach Police officer, are proud of these young entrepreneurs’ efforts.

“The girls are always thinking about other people, and they just came to us with this idea” said Grant. “My cousin actually did a lot of it, putting the stand together and everything, but we just made it happen, just trying to make the little girls happy.”

The girls’ dads said they have always shown their generosity to others, and they’ve got a great future in sales.

“It’s been really good. Yesterday, and we got about $150, and today we got more than $20, I think,” said Jennah.

Delaney and Jennah were forced to close down early on Sunday due to stormy weather, but their hard work paid off. They’re ready to make at least a three-digit donation to an organization they hold dear.

For more information on COPS, click here.

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