Gastric sleeve surgery allows Miami woman to live healthier life

MIAMI (WSVN) - After receiving a life-altering surgery, a woman is now living a healthier lifestyle.

Wearing high heels and smiles, 63-year-old Pearl Des-Landnes is living her life feeling better than before. “I’ve been heavy most of my life. Eating habits were not good at all,” Des-Landnes said.

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall, Pearl Des-Landnes weighed 270 pounds. She suffered from back and hip problems. However, since receiving the gastric sleeve surgery at Jackson North Medical Center, she is now 20 pounds lighter.

“First, my eating habits had to change from all of the fried foods, sweets,” said Des-Landnes. “It took me two months to get here, and I thank God, because I was waiting and waiting, but the two months was worth it.”

Doctors removed a large percentage of her stomach, leaving behind a banana-like tube. With a smaller stomach, she now eats less. “I’m able to walk up right. I can wear heels. I’m going to the gym and getting on the bicycle,” Des-Landnes said. “I’m just doing so many things, but I follow the plan he’s given to me.”

“The sleeve gastrectomy was going to offer her the best safety profile and let her accomplish her weight loss goals that we are looking for at the end,” said Dr. Elias Chousleb, Des-Landnes’ surgeon.

Des-Landnes’ goal is to lose 160 pounds and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. The goal comes as part of her plans for living a victorious life in 2017, a life she said she couldn’t have done without her doctor. “I thank God for this surgeon. I thank God for how I feel,” she said.

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