Gas remains scarce at some South Florida stations ahead of Hurricane Irma

DANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - South Floridians who have chosen to remain at home are now scrambling to find gas as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Driving to the 7-Eleven near State Road 7 and Griffin Road, commuters are usually met with pumps full of gas. However, two days before Hurricane Irma’s expected landfall in South Florida, those same commuters were met with barely any fuel.

South Floridians who have not evacuated endured long lines at gas stations that have even 20 cents of gas left because, in the wake of a potential Category 4 storm, there’s no telling exactly how long these stations will remain without gasoline.

Propane and water were also sold out at many gas stations, and employees were unable to say whether they’d replenish stock before Irma hits.

However, at a Chevron in Dania Beach, on the corner of Griffin Road and Anglers Avenue, has had gas since last Tuesday.

Long lines could be seen just before 9 a.m. after getting several thousand gallons of fuel. “We’ve been nonstop busy,” said clerk Eric Langenthal. “We just had 8,000 gallons dropped off less than two hours ago. If you look around, the gas station across the street, they’ve been out of gas since yesterday, and we never ran out. So props to my owner for that.”

Friday afternoon, cars continued to file into the station.

One driver said he wasn’t sure where to find gas but ended up at the Chevron. “I rolled the dice,” he said, “just feeding off the crazy energy in South Florida.”

On Thursday, oil tankers were seen being escorted by Florida Highway Patrol officers, getting fuel to gas stations in need. One man said he got the last bit of gas at a Chevron near Federal Highway.

“I guess nice guys finish last for once, I guess,” said the man. “I got really lucky. I just did a U-turn here and I pulled up around back and this ended up being the only gas pump with gas.”

The Chevron is planning to stay open until they run out of gas and will reopen after Hurricane Irma has passed.

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