MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Drivers are hitting the road as the summer travel season approaches, but locals wonder if trips are worth the cost with gas prices at a record high.

Prices at the gas pumps in Florida are going up again to an average of $4.32, Tuesday.

These rates are even impacting airplane companies, saying they hope fuel costs decrease.

Founder and CEO of Jet the World, RJ LaSasso, spoke out about the rising gas prices.

“It takes all the profit out of the bottom,” said LaSasso. “We have to pass it along to the client or we have to eat it if we want to keep the business, so it becomes very, very difficult to run a business.”

Others like Alessandro Cattabriga do not think the high gas prices in Florida are an issue.

“See, I’m from Europe, and it’s [gas prices] not even close to Europe’s level so, this for me is still cheaper than anywhere else,” said Cattabriga.

Americans are not welcoming the new fuel costs.

The national average cost of gas is $4.40, a three-cent spike in just one day.

According to AAA, the reason behind these costs is the rising price of oil and increased demand for gas.

These high gas rates are expected to worsen today’s inflation problem.

President Joe Biden said measures are being taken to alleviate the pressure on families across the United States.

“We saw, in March, that 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump,” said President Joe Biden. “To further drive down prices, my administration is allowing the sale of gasoline using homegrown biofuels this summer. This wasn’t allowed before, and to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reckless autocrats like Putin, I’m working with Congress to pass landmark investments to help build a clean energy future as well.”

Many are hoping that the Biden administration’s plan helps lower gas prices.

AAA suggests watching your speed, avoiding rush hour and using cruise control to use your fuel more efficiently.

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