FPL to refund $27.7 million to customers for ‘over-recovery’ charges after Hurricane Matthew

(WSVN) - FPL customers will soon see a refund from the utility company, partly due to “over-recovery” charges following Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Florida Power & Light agreed to refund $27.7 million in “over-recovery” charges that were collected after the storm, in an agreement with the state’s Office of Public Counsel.

For a customer who uses a typical 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month, that refund means a $3.18 credit on their electric bill.

The agreement still must be approved by the Florida Public Service Commission.

FPL, which serves 4.9 million customers in the state, had collected over $322 million from residents after the storm in an effort to recoup costs of rebuilding and restoring power. While utilities are able to do so, they must be able to justify the money collected.

The Office of Public Counsel, which represents consumers, had questioned some of those costs, which had been approximately $3.35 per month for an average customer over the course of a year. That storm charge expired back in March.

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