Fort Lauderdale residents, businesses prepare for winds, rain from Hurricane Isaias

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - As South Floridians wait for the arrival of Hurricane Isaias, cities are preparing for the heavy rains and strong winds.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday, Fort Lauderdale remained quiet. It has gotten windy but has not yet seen any rain.

The ocean is only a bit choppy, but it is expected to get worse as the day progresses.

The beach looked very different from its usual crowds.

One man could be seen taking his morning walk along Las Olas Boulevard. Others could be seen on bike rides and other activities while the weather permits.

“It’s great. It’s a perfect running day,” said one resident.

A couple of residents told 7News the hurricane is not a major concern this time around.

“I’m not that concerned,” one beachgoer said.

“Normally when you hear Category 1, you know, we don’t worry too much until we hear it’s going to be a direct hit or something,” said resident Mark Dorazio.

“We usually come out every Saturday morning for a walk,” said another beachgoer. “We figure it’s a great time to come out, the waves are acting up, so we’re trying to get out here before the storm comes around.”

“We got a run in, and now we’re relaxing,” said Dorazio. “Bring the patio furniture in, and that’s about it.”

One visitor from New Jersey said she has never experienced a hurricane before, and she’s hoping for the best.

“I don’t know what I should do or something, but I’m with my sister, so I’m OK,” she said.

The area saw some rain and wind for a few minutes, but the skies soon returned sunny.

Some residents could be seen enjoying the beach before the rain and heavy winds began, but officials are advising residents to be prepared.

“About to head back to the house,” said one resident. “We’ll just hunker in and ride it out.”

Some restaurant workers could be seen preparing their businesses for the bad weather.

Residents in the area are advised to use this time to prepare their homes for the arrival of the storm.

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