Fort Lauderdale attorney motions to sue president over Trump University

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida woman’s demand from President Donald Trump could put the decision for his $25 million class-action lawsuit against Trump University on hold.

Trump faces one last hurdle to end nearly seven years of lawsuits over his now defunct Trump University.

Several people have filed lawsuits against the president over the university because they said it gave nationwide seminars that were like infomercials, which constantly pressured people to spend more, and in the end, they said it didn’t deliver on promises.

Now, Fort Lauderdale attorney Sherri Simpson decided to file a motion with the San Diego Federal Court to opt out of the National Trump University settlement, so she can sue the president one on one.

If the judge agrees to her proposal, the entire settlement agreement could be tossed out.

Simpson said, in 2010, she paid $20,000 to be paired with a mentor who was supposed to teach her Trump’s secret real estate investment strategies.

“At least promised, both by the people that were at the three-day seminar and the mentor, that he would absolutely be with us for the first sale, and we would make the money back that we had put into the program through our first sale,” Simpson said.

She said that she did not make back the money, and in the end, the program was not worth it. According to Simpson, the videos were old, the material covered could have been found for free online and her mentor would not return her calls or emails.

“After meeting with him initially, he disappeared,” she said. “His promises of it will be relevant to today, it’s not going to be what you heard six years ago. It’s not even going to be what you heard six months ago, it will be about the market today. We’ll teach you how to invest in real estate today.”

During the presidential campaign, Simpson recorded an anti-Trump commercial for an outside group who was trying to defeat him in the election. In that ad, she described herself as a single mom, but she’s also an attorney who specializes in real estate foreclosures and bankruptcies.

She now is hoping for justice. “It was a combination of money and admission of liability,” she said.

That hearing in San Diego started Thursday afternoon.

The judge has not yet made his ruling. As for Trump, he has admitted no wrongdoing.

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