Former Westchester General Hospital employee who allegedly raped patient faces judge

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A former South Florida hospital employee faced a judge after he allegedly raped a mental-health patient on New Year’s Eve.

Miami-Dade Police said a patient was forced to endure a horrific attack by the hospital employee. 7News was there when Fernando Ramos-Garcia appeared in court, Wednesday.

He stands accused of raping a patient at Westchester General Hospital in Southwest Miami-Dade.

7News has been trying to track him down since he bonded out of jail last month.

Ramos-Garcia was silent, but police describe a brutal New Year’s Eve attack.

Detectives said Ramos-Garcia was employed as a mental health technician at Westchester General, where the victim was being treated for depression.

Investigators said, during the night shift, he forced the patient to perform oral sex and “the defendant then walked into the doorway checking to see if anyone was coming from the hallway. When it was clear, the defendant subsequently re-entered her room, covered her mouth and forced penile/vaginal intercourse.”

7News spoke to the victim last month.

“I was depressed. Now, I’m super depressed,” the victim said. “I’m afraid to stay alone. I’m afraid to sleep. I’m afraid to be up. I’m afraid of everything.”

In court Wednesday, a judge granted a Stay Away Order, which means Ramos-Garcia must stay away from the victim or his bond would be revoked.

“That is no contact, whatsoever, and if you would like to be wearing orange, sir, you’ll know how to get it done,” the judge said.

Police said Ramos-Garcia has been charged with sexual battery and sexual misconduct at a mental health facility.

He confessed to having sex with the patient but claims it was consensual, police said.

In addition to the criminal charges, the victim is also suing Ramos-Garcia and Westchester General Hospital. She’s asking for $50 million in damages.

John Seligman, the victim’s attorney said, “How is the victim doing? Terrible. Terrible. I speak to her every day. This is a lady who suffers from depression. So, a lady who suffers from depression starting out with, she goes to this place where she is supposed to be kept safe. They did just the opposite to her.”

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