2 teens face judge after Coral Springs High School scare

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - One day after a former Coral Springs High School student was arrested for roaming the school’s premises armed with a loaded gun, a judge ordered he be held in juvenile detention.

According to Coral Springs Police, three teens were behind the scare. Two have been arrested in connection to the incident, and officials said, a tragedy was adverted.

Police said former Coral Springs High School student Ryan Trollinger was quickly detained, Monday, after students reported seeing someone with a gun on campus.

Police said they charged Trollinger, 17, with felony possession of a firearm on school property and three misdemeanors: possession of firearm by a minor, trespassing and disruption of a school function.

Tuesday afternoon, Trollinger appeared before a Broward County judge in juvenile court where he was ordered to be held in juvenile detention for 21 days.

Students posted a picture of Trollinger being arrested on social media, Monday. “It’s still kind of nerve-racking to think somebody just walked into the school with a gun yesterday,” said student Tessai Empson. “I haven’t been through something like that before.”

A second teenager who is a current Coral Springs student is being held in a hospital. Police said they found a 10-page “journal” in his pocket, according to Coral Springs Police Sgt. Carla Kmiotek. It was in the student’s handwriting.

The journal talks about shooting up the school in January 2017. “Kill Them All!!!! (Guns Rule),” reads one entry.

“I want to be the worst school shooter in America, worst than Columbine, Virginia Tech, And Sandy Hook [sic],” reads another.

Police believe Trollinger and the student met at school on Monday. That’s when Trollinger allegedly told him, “Today is the day. It’s going down.”

On Tuesday, police also arrested 18-year-old Sebastian Darrah after he took to Instagram and made threats to Coral Springs High School in retaliation for Trollinger’s arrest.

According to police, Darrah is one of Trollinger’s friends and was upset by his arrest. He allegedly posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “watch out for round 2 tomorrow springs. we comin guns blazin you locked our ni**ger up [sic].”

When Coral Springs police made contact with him, late Monday night, at his home, he allegedly admitted to having made the post but said he did so as a joke.

Darrah faced a judge Tuesday but got a break. As long as he stays off the internet, he can wait at home for the trial.

Trollinger will be held. However, until the end of the month.

Trollinger’s attorney, Gordon Weekes, is asking the public to not rush to judgment. “I just want to make it clear that it’s premature to jump to a conclusion as to whether this child is linked to any other child writing a journal or what is being reported that was in the journal. We won’t learn about that information until much later on until we have an opportunity to have all of our evidence and prepare a proper defense,” he said. “This young man is active in his church. He’s never been in trouble before, and unfortunately, he was scheduled for a job interview today that hopefully he can pursue sometime in the future.”

The 18-year-old is being released on his own recognizance.

When asked whether this was a possible tragedy diverted, Kmiotek said, “Definitely, definitely was, and it was an excellent job by those students in immediately notifying law enforcement.”

Police said the incident is still under investigation.

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