Floridians who qualify can start purchasing medical marijuana in 90 days

(WSVN) - After the amendment to legalize medical marijuana passed in the state of Florida, patients who qualify for medical marijuana can begin purchasing treatments in as little as 90 days.

According to FOX 35, on Wednesday, Florida’s Office of Compassionate Use Director Christian Bax said it is up to doctors to decide if they want to order marijuana for their patients with medical conditions eligible for treatment under Amendment 2 — months before new rules are expected to go into effect.

Under the law, licensed physicians must treat patients for at least 90 days before being able to enter orders for cannabis treatments.

“Should any patient establish a relationship with a physician for 90 days, the 90 days is a restriction on the timeline for which a physician can create an order,” said Bax, “so a physician can create an order once that 90 days has happened. At that point, or any time in the future, the physician can create an order for cannabis.”

According to FOX 35, Bax’s position contradicts the current law, which only allows doctors to enter orders for terminally ill patients.

On Nov. 8, Florida voters overwhelmingly supported the legalization of medical marijuana for people with specific debilitating diseases or comparable debilitating conditions.

The amendment became law on Jan. 3.

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