SANFORD, Fla. (WSVN) — A startling discovery in Sanford has left wildlife experts puzzled and concerned for the well-being of a unique alligator with a severely injured snout. The reptile, spotted with a portion of its upper snout missing, has raised questions about its ability to survive in the wild.

Kimberly Titterington, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator with over three decades of experience, has encountered numerous alligators during her career but never one like this. She described the situation as “very extreme,” emphasizing that while it’s not uncommon to see alligators with various injuries, the extent of this particular damage is highly unusual.

“It’s not uncommon to see them with damage to their face, missing a limb, missing a tail, maybe part of a jaw. But this is very extreme,” she said.

The injured alligator was spotted by another woman while she was walking her dog at Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford. The cause of the injury remains a mystery.

“It could have been during predation from another predator. It could have been that the gator was caught in a snare,” Titterington explained.

Efforts were made by Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities to capture the injured alligator, but their attempts proved unsuccessful as the reptile proved too agile for capture.

As a result, the injured alligator will continue to roam in the wild until a successful capture can be arranged. Titterington expressed her concerns about the alligator’s chances of survival.

“I really do feel that, you know, in time he’s going to, you know, he won’t be doing so well,” said Titterington.

To address the unique situation and provide the alligator with the necessary care, Gatorland has been contacted. The renowned wildlife park has expressed its willingness to take in the injured alligator for further examinations and potential rehabilitation.

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