OVIEDO, Fla. (WSVN) — Cellphone video captured a wild hog that was at a Central Florida golf course. The Sunshine State has seen its fair share of animals at golf courses like alligators and turtles.

The pig was on a mission Monday afternoon on an Oviedo golf course.

“Just pulling up to one of hole, and just saw a pig, I don’t even know, come behind from the trees and it was huge,” said Kyle Jeffers. “I don’t know, it just caught my eyes. Just surprised. I don’t think anybody expected to see a pig on a golf course walking and minding its own business.”

Various types of wildlife have been spotted around this area, which include deer.

And even when they aren’t seen, they leave marks behind.

“You can see their dig marks where they’ve been rooting around all over the place,” said Harry Smith, a golfer.

Smith said he has seen the damage the hogs can cause and has seen them up close.

“Just as I was teeing off, this pig came running out of the woods right up behind me, and just scared whatever out of me,” Smith said.

Wildlife officials said people can find hogs like this in all 67 Florida counties.

They can grow up to weigh 150 pounds and can be 6 feet long.

Golfers who spotted the animal earlier in the week were shocked by its size.

“You can’t miss it, it’s plain sight,” said a golfer. “It’s huge, yeah.”

These golfers are just happy that the hog moved along.

“If it was going at me, I’d be startled for sure,” a golfer said.

Wildlife officials said wild hogs occupy a variety of habitats but prefer places with freshwater marshes.

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