LONGWOOD, Fla. (WSVN) — A routine evening walk around the block took a terrifying turn when a bear attacked a man and his dog, leading to both being hospitalized.

The incident unfolded Tuesday night in a residential neighborhood in Longwood, leaving witnesses shaken as they rushed to aid the injured victims.

According to neighbors in the area, the man had been walking his dog when they suddenly heard it barking. One bystander who came to the man’s aid described the harrowing scene.

“I rolled my window down, and I could see in the dark the bear standing over the dog, and the dog was desperately trying to escape,” the Good Samaritan recounted. “So, I kind of drove towards the bear, like I was going to hit it, to try to scare it and it released the dog.”

The victim was found on the ground, bleeding from the head. Deputies believe that his injuries may have resulted from hitting the pavement during the fall.

As the situation unfolded, two 911 callers stood by the injured man, providing critical information to emergency responders.

“He’s bleeding in the back of the head … he’s moving his eyes,” one caller reported.

“He’s not responsive but he’s breathing,” another added.

Despite their best efforts, the victim had difficulty answering questions as he was rushed to the hospital.

“He’s not speaking … he’s definitely messed up very badly,” one of the callers relayed.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials confirmed that the injured dog received medical treatment for its injuries, while the bear apparently walked away from the scene.

“You guys, please be careful, the bear is still — I can still see the bear walking,” warned one of the callers.

As of now, the condition of the dog owner remains unknown, and the bear’s whereabouts have yet to be determined.

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