PALM BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) —An unknown object, found by a diver on Tuesday, has become a focal point in Palm Beach, as the community questions its origins and purpose.

The unidentified object was spotted by David Marger, who was snorkeling with his children when he stumbled upon the mysterious item, approximately 5 to 10 feet deep.

Marger initially mistook it for a missile due to its appearance.

“I wasn’t really worried, I was kind of sitting out there like it would be crazy to see an explosion, you know, hopefully nobody gets hurt,” Marger recalled.

Speculation about the object’s nature has been rampant among locals, with theories ranging from remnants of World War II military equipment to a discarded torpedo.

“Maybe a torpedo. I know the Germans had some submarines over here during the war, but I’m no expert,” one resident speculated.

“Probably an old WWII torpedo considering the Navy used to have a lot of ships out here during the war,” said Marger.

Sheriff’s boats, accompanied by divers equipped with ropes, were deployed to the scene to assess the situation.

“They ended up having three sheriff’s boats to the south of here, and they were having divers go down with ropes,” Marger recounted. “They kept tying things up, they would go back to the boat, tie another thing up.”

Pieces of the object were extracted by the dive team.

They looked over at the unknown project but the mystery remains.

“I just don’t know. It will be very interesting to see what they report,” said a man.

Police initially indicated that the object is a non-explosive U.S. training missile, it has since been removed from the area.

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