MELBOURNE, Fla. (WSVN) — Chris Pospisil, a determined University of Central Florida (UCF) student who faced a shark encounter off the coast of New Smyrna Beach in July, is now taking his first steps toward normalcy.

After enduring a traumatic shark bite that severed multiple tendons and left a tooth embedded in his bone, Pospisil’s unwavering spirit and the skill of his medical team have allowed him to regain the use of his foot, just in time to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

In July, Pospisil’s passion for surfing led him to the waves of New Smyrna Beach, a renowned surf spot on the Atlantic coast of Florida. However, his joyful ride turned into a life-altering event when a shark struck, causing severe injuries to his foot.

For the past eight weeks, Pospisil has been on a challenging journey to recovery, facing both physical and emotional hurdles. He spoke about the difficulties he encountered.

“There’s been ups and downs, some days where I’m kinda just depressed and anxious to get back in the water and live a normal life again,” he said. “When I have people come around me and visit me, it means the world to me.”

Despite the setbacks, Pospisil’s determination shined through and this past weekend, he celebrated his 22nd birthday surrounded by friends and well-wishers. With a hopeful outlook, he now looks forward to resuming his normal life.

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