PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WSVN) – In a daring rescue operation, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies Fernandes and Constant from the Marine and Environmental Lands Unit responded to a call for assistance from the United States Coast Guard regarding a runaway vessel.

On July 30, the vessel’s driver had fallen overboard but was promptly rescued by a Good Samaritan. Despite the Coast Guard’s attempt to stop the vessel using prop fowling devices, their efforts were unsuccessful.

Deputy Constant sprang into action and managed to intercept the runaway vessel, matching its speed, which was approximately 41 mph, inside a curve. This strategic maneuver allowed Deputy Fernandes to leap aboard the vessel and take control, ultimately preventing any further danger or potential harm.

The quick and skillful actions of Deputies Fernandes and Constant resulted in a successful rescue, showcasing the dedication and expertise of Pinellas County law enforcement personnel in handling emergency situations on the water.

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