Mother finds racist message written inside children’s book ordered on Amazon, author speaks out

A mother ordered a new book to teach her children a lesson only to find a hurtful and menacing message scrawled inside.

The hateful message impacted not only the mother and her daughter, but the author of the children’s book, as well.

“I was appalled, I was absolutely appalled,” said author Bri Coleman.

“When I opened the book my heart immediately dropped,” said Ashley Lashaye. “It just makes me sad, you know, to know that in 2021 people are still experiencing this.”

When Ashley opened the book she ordered on Amazon for her daughter, she was shocked to find a racist message handwritten inside.

The message read “for [n-word], by [n-word].”

“I just went in my room and started crying,” she said.

The Miami native, who now lives in Daytona Beach, was hoping the children’s book “Through My Eyes” would be a delicate way to open the racial injustice discussion with her daughter.

But the disturbing message changed that.

“I haven’t even opened it to even read it because it kind of traumatized me,” Lashaye said.

Coleman wrote the book as a tool and encourages parents to open discussions with their children.

“Our children have witnessed so much, and they don’t really understand what’s going on,” Coleman said.

The hateful display comes as Black and Brown children are witnessing racial tensions and calls for police reform on a daily basis.

Protesters are demanding justice for George Floyd, Daunte Wright and countless others.

“Don’t shy away from these conversations. It can definitely be rough to have, but it is our reality and our children have questions, and they have a right to get answers,” Coleman said.

Both Ashley and Bri contacted Amazon and said they were told an investigation would be launched.

Ashley was refunded for her purchase, but she hopes more will come from the ordeal.

“I pray they heal that hatred in their heart,” Lashaye said.

Amazon has not responded to 7News’ request for comment.

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