NORTHPORT, Fla. (WSVN) — A routine sewing tutorial took an unexpected turn when a car crashed into a Florida woman’s home while she was recording an instructional video.

Jen Wesner, a sewing blogger, experienced an unforgettable moment that left her in awe.

During the online tutorial, as Wesner was demonstrating sewing techniques, a loud crash startled her and caused items to fall off the walls of her sewing room.

The blogger froze for a second before she rushed to the scene to check on the driver, who had crashed into her Northport, Florida home.

“All I saw were airbags,” said Wesner. “So I kept asking, ‘Are you OK?'”

The driver, an employee of a food delivery service, emerged unharmed from the vehicle.

She ran a stop sign before hitting a drainage ditch. The car then went airborne and landed just a few feet from the house. The vehicle’s trajectory was altered by the incline of the ditch, preventing a direct collision with the house.

Northport Police, who responded to the incident, could not confirm if the driver was ticketed.

Wesner’s take on the incident showcased her sense of humor amidst the unexpected chaos as a painting with a Bible verse hung on the wall, waited until after the crash to fall off.

“I think the funniest thing was the painting waited to fall off the wall,” she said. “It was like like ‘Oh yeah me too.'”

The incident was even captured on video and a local driving school asked for permission to use it as an example of an “epic fail” for educational purposes.

Despite the shock and disruption, Wesner remained composed, using the incident as a source of lighthearted entertainment for her audience.

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