(CNN) – It’s the time of year when alligators are most active, and this one waddled through the woods to find water.

During its search for a swim, it decided Lynn Tosi’s pool was the perfect place.

“I just kind of circled around, not knowing what i was gonna do next,” Tosi said. “I sure wasn’t going outside.”

The alligator which Tosi later learned was 11-and-a-half feet long left a large hole in her screened porch.

“He busted right through there, kinda like the Kool-Aid man you know,” Tosi said.

Tosi says most people in Florida always play it safe around lakes and ponds a piece of advice pushed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, especially as the weather gets warmer.

“It’s that time of year,” Tosi said. “We’re kind of used to it around here.”

The FWC makes no mention of backyard swimming pools.

But Tosi says after what happened, she thinks all homeowners should double-check before diving in.

“The professional coming to take him out was actually pacing and got on the phone and was really surprised by what they were up against,” Tosi said.

Trappers say alligators like the one found in the pool are most active at dusk and dawn.

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