Florida has once again made headlines, and this time, it’s for its colorful language.

According to a recent survey conducted by BonusFinder.com, the Sunshine State has secured the unenviable position of being the third state with the highest use of profanity in the United States.

Leading the pack in profanity is none other than the Lone Star State itself, Texas, boasting the biggest potty mouths of them all. Following closely behind are Ohio and Florida. The rankings were determined by the frequency of curse words found in posts on the popular social media platform Reddit.

The survey unveiled a staggering statistic — in Florida, the average number of curse words per Reddit post was 6.7. This finding has left many questioning the linguistic habits of the Sunshine State’s residents.

As the debate over online profanity continues, this study by BonusFinder.com provides a unique insight into the usage of explicit language across the United States.

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