A Florida deputy, who said he “had no other choice,” was forced to open fire on a woman brandishing a knife.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Ryan had just 11 seconds from when he gave this first command to when the incident ended, Monday night.

According to police reports, the suspect, Amy Jaeger, told Deputy Ryan “no” several times and said “kill me now” more than four times. Police Chief Anthony Holloway of St. Petersburg said Deputy Ryan fired his weapon 11 times.

“He stepped back and kept giving her orders, and she kept continuing to move toward him,” said Holloway.

The altercation allegedly started when Jaeger and her boyfriend got into an argument because the boyfriend was trying to end the relationship. Police said the situation escalated when Jaeger then stabbed her boyfriend three to four times, but he was able to escape to a neighbor’s home for help.

Jaeger chased him and used another knife to try to pry open the neighbor’s front door. That’s when Deputy Ryan arrived.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri commended Deputy Ryan for his actions.

“But what’s most important, is that Deputy Ryan is safe,” he said. “All the law enforcement officers are safe, and that he, protected himself under these circumstances. So, I mean, these are tough situations. They’re very difficult to deal with.”

The task force investigating the shooting said they are not looking to file charges against the deputy.

“It was 11 seconds, you know, I mean, think about that and how fast that is and what he had to do. So, we’re just very thankful, for the thorough investigation has been done by the task force,” added Gualtieri.

Jaeger is in critical condition while the 70-year-old stabbing victim is stable. As for Deputy Ryan, he’s on paid administrative leave.

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