A Florida deputy leaped into action to rescue two children trapped in a car after a high-speed chase and the entire ordeal was captured on camera.

Sergeant Dave Musgrove was on patrol when he noticed a motorcyclist speeding at over 100 miles per hour. Moments after, he witnessed a cloud of smoke ahead which made him stop and rush to the scene.

A driver pleaded for help, asking the officer to help her children still in the car.

Musgrove reassured the panicked mother as he pulled 3-year-old Ariel from the car and urgently flagged down another driver to help.

Hey, sir! Come help me! Please. Please. I need you to hold this little girl,” said Musgrove on bodycam.

Returning to the vehicle, Musgrove retrieved a car seat containing a 6-month-old Lola, who was unconscious.

“Is she alive?” asked the distressed mother.

“Let me check, ma’am,” responded the officer.

Musgrove immediately commenced life-saving measures to revive the infant. Seconds later, a breath of relief filled the air as he announced, “I just heard her breathe! Come on.”

The life-saving sergeant described the intense moments in a police conference after the incident.

“I tried to check for signs of life, which I wasn’t getting,” he recalled. “I immediately took the baby out of the car seat and started doing, like, taking measures.”

Despite being hailed a hero, Musgrove remained humble.

“I still don’t consider myself a hero. I just did my job, you know? That’s what we’re paid to do,”he said. “Anybody that has received the training that we that we receive would do the same thing.”

Lola was transported to the hospital and is on the road to recovery, which is expected to be long, but she is reportedly doing well.

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