LONGWOOD, Fla. (WSVN) – A wild twist to the holiday season unfolded overnight in Longwood as a local family found themselves at the center of a “bear-y” unusual Christmas heist.

The Levin family’s home security video captured the moment a curious bear took down their festive decorations, transforming what was supposed to be dinner time into an unexpected light display.

“I didn’t even see it. It wasn’t until my wife called and said, ‘Did you see what happened?'” remarked EJ Levin, recounting the unexpected visitor’s antics.

The incident occurred at the Levin residence, where holiday decorations had adorned the property since Black Friday.

The surveillance footage reveals the bear approaching the decorations.

“It’s like they’re all there, next thing you know, the camera turns on, the bear comes in and paws it down,” said Levin.

According to the family, bears are frequent visitors to their neighborhood, making nightly appearances around their residence.

“Not even scared. It looked like he put his paw on the deer just to test it out and was like, ‘Yeah, no, down. It was comical. Just comical,'” described Levin.

The stolen decoration, a reindeer, was later discovered just up the driveway, showing only a few marks from the bear’s playful interaction.

Instead of causing distress, the incident has become a Christmas memory for the Levin family.

“The kids love it! As soon as I showed them, they were like, ‘Oh my God! It’s so great! They just go crazy with it,'” shared Levin.

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