(WSVN) - Paramedics were taken off the job after they wrongly pronounced a Florida man dead.

That man and his daughter shared the moment when a deputy noticed he was still alive.

Thomas Maxwell returned home Tuesday after he was in the ICU for nearly a week, but he almost didn’t make it back at all.

His daughter Phebe Maxwell said Wednesday morning her mom called 911 and she performed CPR on her dad when they found him lying on his bedroom floor unresponsive.

“I thought they were supposed to do everything they can to bring you back not just ‘oh well we’ll throw a sheet on him,'” she said.

She then said when two Clearwater Fire and Rescue medics got there they checked her dad’s wrist for a pulse and then told her he was dead.

“I said ‘No he’s not, he’s not dead I said he’s making noises,'” said Phebe.

She was told that was the body emptying itself of gases.

“I said ‘No it’s not,'” said Phebe.

Officials said when the sheriff’s office arrived the medics left, and that’s when a deputy noticed Thomas was breathing. He called for medical crews to return.

“If that deputy wouldn’t have heard that breath my dad very well could’ve woken up in the morgue,” said Phebe.

The Clearwater Fire and Rescue medics are now on administrative leave.

The fire chief released a statement that said in part: “On behalf of the city, I apologize for the actions and the inactions of our crew during this incident.
We have strict policies and procedures in place that were not followed, according to our preliminary review. These two did not perform to the standard of care that our citizens expect and deserve. We will address this incident swiftly.”

“I’m worried about the quality of his life now because that EMT lowered the quality of his life,” said Phebe.

Phebe also said she thinks the medics should leave the field altogether.

The incident is still under investigation.

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