(WSVN) - Students in Brevard County were caught in a school bus brawl after being trapped on board with their driver.

Parents said it all started when the driver started yelling at the children.

A video released by a Brevard County student showed a school bus driver yelling at children while they asked her to let them off the bus.

“She’s not taking us! She’s not letting us off this bus,” said one panicked student in the video.

A Brevard County Public Schools spokesperson said the conflict started when two kids began misbehaving.

Other students on the bus said the driver then refused to take anyone home.

The video painted a chaotic scene as students tried to use the emergency exit to escape while some called their parents and the police.

When they were finally let off the bus, the students ran to a nearby house and waited until officers arrived.

Brittany Fonte was one of the parents that were upset following the incident.

“Her behavior was unacceptable,” said Brittany Fonte, a parent of one of the students. “We trusted them with our children, and she was yelling and screaming, even screaming profanities, honestly.”

Parents are now demanding to see footage from inside the bus.

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