ORLANDO, Fla. (WSVN) — Body camera video showed the arrest of an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy in Orlando after law enforcement officials accused him of participating in a street racing incident while riding a motorcycle.

In the footage, an arresting officer can be heard saying, “At this time, I’m placing you under arrest for street racing, all right.”

The deputy in question, identified as Deputy Brian Espinal, immediately protested, “I wasn’t racing.”

This unexpected turn of events unfolded Wednesday evening when police officers observed Espinal and another motorcyclist allegedly engaging in street racing on open roads.

According to an arrest report, an officer initiated a traffic stop by activating his lights and signaling both riders to pull over. However, only Espinal complied, while the other motorcyclist fled the scene.

Body camera footage captured the moment Espinal was confronted by the arresting officer. After the officer instructed Espinal to remove the key from his motorcycle, he said he was a deputy before he explained his illegal actions.

Law enforcement officials said that the 27-year-old deputy was traveling at nearly double the posted speed limit and weaving recklessly through traffic during the incident.

“I just got the bike not too long ago, and I wanted to impress her,” he said. “It’s really bad. I don’t speed at all.”

Although Espinal said he was not racing the other biker, officers on the scene were unconvinced by his explanation.

Espinal has been a part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office since 2019. In light of this incident, he now faces charges of reckless driving and street racing.

The body camera footage will likely play a significant role in the ongoing investigation into this incident.

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