PALMDALE, Fla. (WSVN) — An alligator that was spotted in a Florida pond with its mouth taped shut and rescued now has a new home.

Gatorama, a family-owned animal park and licensed alligator farm in Palmdale, Florida, announced in a news release that Georgie, the taped alligator, has found a new home.

Ben Register, general manager at Gatorama, quickly checked on Georgie as soon as he arrived to work Friday morning. 

“She is doing well so far and will be offered a feeding as soon as the day warms up,” said Register. “Even though she probably won’t eat for a few days due to the stress of being moved and the ordeal she been through.”

After a health check, Georgie will have her own exclusive pond while she acclimates to her surroundings. She is currently separated from the larger ponds of alligators, so she doesn’t have to compete for food and territory.

Gatorama is home to many nuisance alligators. They cooperatively work with trappers, so they don’t have to kill the alligators.

Gatorama said the trapper who brought Georgie even constructed a special trailer for gators, so he doesn’t have to tape their mouths closed while transporting them.

“We are thankful that Georgie was finally caught. I used to trap alligators with my father, and I know how difficult catching alligators in an overgrown retention pond can be,” said Register.

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